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Pet Sitting Saint Augustine

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pet sitting saint augustine

“TLC for pets and their humans”

                    • Daily In-home Pet Sitting
                    • Multiple Daily Visits
                    • Overnight Pet Sitting
                    • Dog Walking
                    • Assistance with special needs
                    • Pet taxi to Groomer or Vet
                    • …and much more

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 Every home is different and every dog and cat is unique and special.  Give us a call at 904 466-2304 and talk with us; tell us about your pet sitting needs.  We promise to listen, understand and be there for you, not just the first time, but each and every time you need us.

Unlike “hobby” pet sitters, we take our professional pet sitting service very seriously.  At TLC Pet Sitting, our Pet Sitters are licensed, bonded, insured and are background checked through  Above all, we adore animals! 

We have Pet Sitters to serve Saint Augustine Florida and surrounding communities of Saint Augustine Beach, Saint Augustine Shores, Saint Augustine South, South Ponte Vedra Beach, Villano and Nocatee.


We are a member of:

  • National Association of Professional Pet Sitters 
  • Pet Sitters International
  • Be a Pack Leader Dog Walking Club




                        Meet some our our happy clients and friends………..

Saint Augustine 

Pet Sitting Saint Augustine

Did you know?

95% of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers! TLC Pet Sitting is widely recommended by local veterinarians, rescue groups, dog walking groups, business owners, and dog and cat families.

At TLC Pet Sitting,  our pet sitters not only love animals, but we are experienced and trained in taking care of them in the safest and most secure manner. When you are away, your pets will stay home, be loved and follow their normal routine as closely as possible.

You can rest assured knowing we will treat your precious babies like treasures they are. We realize you have a choice when it comes to pet sitting and look forward to providing you with years of exceptional service at competitive rates.


Experience the many benefits with TLC Pet Sitting:


Your pet feels more secure in familiar surroundings.  Cats and dogs, just like humans, can get stressed out due to a change in environment or routine.  With in home pet sitting, it’s so much easier on pets to remain in the comfort of their own home with their own bed, food, smells, sounds and routine. 

Pet sitting enables you to avoid the trauma of your pets going to a strange place with unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds.  Your precious baby is not exposed to illness, disease, worms, parasites or harm from other animals while boarding. Our pet sitters are experienced, responsible and nurturing ensuring a wonderful pet sitting experience for you and your pet.


Peace of Mind

With TLC Pet Sitting your pet is comfortable, secure and safe in their own home.  You have peace of mind with TLC Pet Sitting knowing your precious pet is enjoying the utmost care, comfort, attention and reassurance with professional pet sitters who truly care.

It is our primary goal to keep your pets happy and healthy and include you among our very satisfied pet sitting customers.


Pet Sitting - 20 Point Checklist for Your Peace of Mind

You have probably never given much thought to just how much time and effort
you put into your dog and/or cat’s good health and happiness. We have!

When you are gone, many things have to be done on a daily basis to make certain your pets are safe, secure, comfortable and happy. Your TLC Pet Sitting Pet Sitter will go through a 20 point checklist every time we visit with your pets:

  • temporarily release your security system (if needed)
  • bring in the newspaper
  • bring in the mail
  • give each dog and/or cat clean, fresh, water
  • give each dog and/or cat the proper amount of food
  • check on the welfare of shy or reclusive pets
  • restore the supplies in the proper place
  • give treats (if they are allowed)
  • clean up any “accidents” or messes that may occur
  • water plants (if requested)
  • have play time with each pet
  • clean the litter box
  • monitor the condition of the home
  • alternate lighting (if requested)
  • make sure pets are in their proper place
  • leave notes for the owners when necessary
  • administer medication if needed
  • check each pets condition
  • re-locking the house
  • restore the security system

You do most of these things automatically when you are home.  Isn’t it comforting to know that someone is going to go through a Checklist each day and do them for you while you’re away?

No Risk

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  We are responsible!  If there’s an emergency, we are here for you and will ensure your dog and/or cat’s  safety and well being.  We gather Veterinary information as well as evacuation information prior to your leaving.

We are recommended by, SAFE Pet Rescue, the Saint Augustine Humane Society, Be a Pack Leader Dog Walking Club, Animal Clinic at West Town Plaza and House of Sea and Sun and Mutts & Pups Dog Show, just to name a few.  These folks have known us for years and will attest to the responsibility, reliability, maturity, good nature and common sense of our pet sitters.



Whether you are going away for a day, week or months we can accommodate your schedule ensuring your needs are met and your precious cats and dogs are well cared for.



Your information is secure and your privacy always protected.

We do not divulge the identity of our clients to anyone outside of our business. In a further measure, if through outside means, people know you are a client of ours, they would never know the exact dates of services that we provide to you. Furthermore, if for some reason someone arrives at your house while we are contracted with you, we will inform them that we are performing services per your request, and that you are currently unavailable. Beyond that, our Pet Sitters will answer no further questions, and will not be able to take any messages in this instance.

If anyone contacts us with an urgent need to contact you, regardless of relation to you, we will contact you on their behalf. Our Pet Sitters will not under ANY circumstances release information to them.


TLC Pet Sitting, Inc and all its Pet Sitters are insured and bonded by Business Insurers of the Carolinas; one of the top insurers in the industry.


Pet Sitting in Saint Augustine Florida.  cat sitting in Saint Augustine Florida. Exceptional dog walking in the Saint Augustine area and Saint Johns County Florida. 

 Exceptional pet sitting in Saint Augustine Florida

TLC Pet Sitting in Saint Augustine Florida

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Meet some of TLC Pet Sitting’s Furry Friends and Satisfied Clients

…also famous stars of our videos!!!

Pet Sitting Travis in World Golf VillagePet Sitting my new friend Travis! – Don’t you just want to kiss this sweet face!


TLC Pet Sitting - Garfield the CatPet Sitting – Garfield the Cat

Pet Sitting Mandy in Nocatee

Mandy Pandy in Nocatee

Snuggle baby and toy eviscerator extraordinaire

Cobalt - TLC Pet Sitting FriendPet Sitting – Cobalt the Cat in Saint Augustine


Bodhi TLC Pet Sitting St AugustineSweet Bodhi Brown Eyes - an exceptional dog and dearest  friend


Pet Sitter in Saint Augustine - Ivan the CatIvan the Terrible –  Proof that there is life after starvation.

A wonderful “tail” of a rescued cat (and his refrigerator!).

Max - Pet Sitting in South Ponte Vedra Beach

Max is his Daddy’s boy through and through

Pet Sitting in South Ponte Vedra Beach

Riley - Dog Walking Saint Augustine Shores

Riley – a sweet and funny dog in Saint Augustine Shores

TLC Pet Sitting Loves Pretty Little Chica - Chihuahua

Chica’s Glamour Shot


Sparky - Rat Terrier Dog - Saint Augustine   Sparky (a.k.a. Sparkleman)  - a very sweet and sensitive little rescued dog.


Bodhi TLC Pet Sitting Saint Augustine

Beautiful Bodhi


Jasper and Scout - Pet Sitter Pics - Saint AugustineJasper the Cat and Scout the Dog - Sweet pet sitting pics


Ginger - TLC Pet Sitter Dog Picture - Saint AugustineGinger – a hound dog with the sweetest heart!


Chocolate the goat -TLC Pet Sitting - Saint Augustine, FloridaChocolate the goat – “…but why the long face?”


jasper and skitter - tlc pet sitting picsJasper and Skitter – true love


Cat Sitting St Augustine - Deliliah the CatDeliliah the cat in St Augustine examining her Christmas Present


Ori the dog in St Augustine enjoying his Christmas presents.  Pet Sitter - JeanieOri the dog in St Augustine checking out his Christmas presents.  Pet Sitter – Jeanie


Abita the dog in St Augustine FLNothing could be sweeta than this little Abita!


Merlin the cat in St Augustine ShoresMerlin the cat in St Augustine Shores is so animated and such a hilarious cat!

TLC Pet Sitting Loves Sweet Little Bella Chihuahua

Sweet little Bella in Nocatee

Chihuahua in Nocatee - Jeanie Pet Sitter

Blue – Chihuahua in Nocatee

A very sweet guy who takes his food very seriously!


Oliver!Oliver! in Saint Augustine Beach

bird sitting saint augustine pet sitter

Trixie the cockatiel – a colorful personality!

Bob the parakeet - bird sitting saint augustine

Bob the [very smart] parakeet

bird sitting – Saint Augustine

Teddy - cat sitting in Saint Augustine

Teddy – in Saint Augustine really cannot be bothered with trivial matters

Bogie - cat sitting in Saint Augustine

Bogie – the cat who believes he owns Saint Augustine

Sweet little Mandy Pandy and her toy


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